Smartphones - The Internet in your Pocket

Thursday 8/2 - 22/2 (3 sessions + individual)
10.00am - 12.30pm 

Cost $60.00 (3 weeks + individual session) 

Smartphones are the Swiss Army tool of the modern age, but many people just do not realise their full potential, this course is designed to get you acquainted with your smartphone.  Topics include understanding your phone plan, making / receiving calls, contacts, text messages, using your calendar and accessing your emails.  This is the foundation for the "Beyond the Basics" Tablets and Smartphones class.

There is the assumption that you are familiar with using the internet and emails. Prior to the course commencing, you will need to attend a one on one session* to ensure all your passwords and settings are ready for you to get the most out of the group sessions.  BYO smartphone (iPhone or Android phone) and charger. 

*Individual session to be booked in advance.

Tutor: Trevor Archibald

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