Internet Basics - Information Session

Thursday 26 July 10.00am  - 12.00 noon

Cost:  Free - no charge

Want to get started buying on eBay but not sure how? is a greagt place to buy virtually anything - but if you've never purchased anything online, how do you get started? A demonstration will walk you through the basics of getting started and making a purchase.

Want to know how Banking on the Internet works? Find out how by using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, internet banking can help you keep track of your money, make payments and be safe working online.

This two hour session will help you gain awareness on basic use of the internet.  

Presenter: Peng Ng

Cost: Free - no charge

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Computer room hire

monitorOur computer room is available for hire by community / school groups or for training purposes. We have eight computers using Windows 7.  

Contact us on 95304397 for availability and more details.   

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